Ascending from Perth, Western Australia, THE FUROR began their advance in September of 2002.
The sound of the band, which initially consisted of DIZAZTER - drums/lead vocals, KILL MACHINE - Bass, WARLOCK - Guitar, is best described as a hyperactively vicious, bombastic fusion of extreme metal styles - high calibre chaos on chaos forged from years of Death/Black/Thrash worship and indulgence.

After a year of relentless black practice, the first self-financed full length offering 'INVERT ABSOLUTE' (2004) was unleashed.
Recorded by Sovereign Studios' Aidan Barton (The Bezerker, Pathogen, Voyager, Vespers Descent) and released independently, the debut album received excellent reviews throughout Australia and abroad, spread waves of rampant curiosity throughout the underworld and earned THE FUROR accolades for 'Best Band of 2004' and 'Best Release of 2004' on Western Australia's premiere metal website 'The Western Front'.

Shortly after the release a constant stream of attacks on the Perth live front ensued, seeing THE FUROR share the stage with dozens of interstate and international acts such as DESTROYER 666, CRYPTOPSY, PSYCROPTIC, THE AMENTA, HATE ETERNAL, ALCHEMIST, ALARUM, FUCK I'M DEAD, WALK THE EARTH, STRONGER THAN HATE, DAYSEND, proving they could hit their target in the live arena time after time.

Dozens of shows and a further year of writing led to the massive full length self-financed follow up to INVERT ABSOLUTE entitled 'ADVANCE AUSTRALIA WARFARE' (2005). Gloriously elaborating on the violence and complexity of it's predecessor and including a ravaging film clip to the track 'Thrive on War', the album was produced by Dan Majer (Maximum Perversion), released through Perth's own Prime Cuts Music and distributed nationally through MGM.
It received many favorable reviews through various worldwide webzines, earned the band many interviews and radio spots in Australia, and also ranked second on Full Metal Racket's (Australia's most prominent metal radio show) 'Most Popular Australian Metal Release of 2005' poll.

Two full Australian tours in support of USA's NILE (Annihilation of the Wicked tour) and Poland's BEHEMOTH (Demigod tour) soon followed, plus many additional high profile performances throughout Australia's East coast, including Sydney's Metalstock and Brute Force festivals, further solidifying THE FUROR's reputation for delivering world class damnating extreme metal.

Early 2006 saw guitarist WARLOCK depart the band in pursuit of other interests, KILL MACHINE took over on guitar and KINGSLAYER (SECRATAIN, PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS) was recruited to dominate bass duties.

Soon after, the band ventured to the nation's capital city (Canberra) to perform a peak slot at Australia's largest and longest running metalfest 'Metal for the Brain', followed shortly by a show back in their home town alongside USA death metal legends DEICIDE and New Zealand's premier death metal act DAWN OF AZAZEL.

In April of 2007, the band again stormed Australia's east, playing 7 dates alongside Dubai's most notable metal export NERVECELL. The tour consisted of a show in every major city plus a headline performance to an ever swelling fanbase at Sydney's third Metalstock festival.

A few months later in August THE FUROR completed a 6 date national tour in support of Sweden's iconic black metal overlords MARDUK on their first ever Australian tour.

Upon returning from the tour , The Furor released 'ASSAULT BY FIRE', a 3 track EP showcasing the new lineup, and a more 'Death Metal' approach to their songwriting.

In 2011, KINGSLAYER departed the band, leaving DIZAZTER and KILLMACHINE to complete the third full length album 'WAR UPON WORSHIP'.
This album proved to be the most intense and chaotic album of the band's career, blowing away all standards set by their previous works.
Totally punishing and articulate, it's an absolute monolith of a release!

Unfortunately, KILL MACHINE departed the band shorty after the tracking of this album, so a live campaign was never waged in support of this most supreme album.

Around the same time, DIZAZTER was draughted to perform as session drummer with Dubai's biggest metal export, and old touring mates NERVECELL.
As drummer for Nervecell, he was afforded the amazing opportunity to perform large scale shows in many countries around the world including United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Germany, Slovakia, Portugal, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, The Philippines, India and Sri Lanka.

DIZAZTER also joined Perth Black metal band MHORGL shorty after activity temporarily ceased with THE FUROR, performing countless shows in Perth and recording 3 albums to date.

To add to the madness, in 2011, DIZAZTER was invited to dominate the drum throne for Singapore's infamous Black Death legends (And personal favorite) IMPIETY.
This afforded DIZAZTER the opportunity to perform again all over Europe and The Philippines, and for the first time in Thailand, Laos, Malaysia and New Zealand, playing some of the planets most prestigious Metal events, and pushing his drumming to the utter limit of comprehensibility.

Amidst this rampant activity and shameless 'band whoring', DIZAZTER singlehandedly wrote and recorded what would become 'SERMON OF SLAUGHTER', the 2012 EP release from THE FUROR.
Again, Mixed and Mastered by Aidan Barton at Sovereign studios in Perth and released independently, with amazing artwork by James Campbell (
The release was a gargantuan feat indeed, being the first time DIZAZTER has written entirely alone, but it wouldn't be the last time.....

Directly after 'Sermon's' release, writing began for IMPENDING REVELATION, the Furor's fourth full length album, released on their own label WESTERNTERROR RECORDS.
Again, working singlehandedly, DIZAZTER conjured some of the highest quality material ever released by The Furor.
With tighter arrangements, clearer direction and the usual catastrophic intensity, the results are utterly crushing and invigorating, as has always been the case with every release of THE FUROR.

DIZAZTER - Khaos Drum Molestations/ Vocal Missiles,
HELLHOUND - Merciless Christ Axecution,
THE GRAND IMPALER - Ballistic Bass from Beyond
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